About the Cicero Rattlers

50-70 Intermediate Game

The Cicero Rattlers offers one of the most respected baseball programs in the Cicero, NY area for players looking to develop their skills, enjoy baseball and stay sharp for school level baseball and athletics.

It’s great for families who want their child to improve and compete throughout the year without the excessive commitment and high upfront cost most travel teams and clubs require. Cicero Rattlers makes participation more affordable than any other club team. Period.

Our goal is to provide a fun experience and low-stress atmosphere so players can develop their baseball skills, strength and fitness in a positive way that builds confidence while competing against local, regional and national teams.

Positive Baseball

Playing baseball should be fun. Period. We coach, practice and play with a positive attitude in a stress-free atmosphere so kids can learn and play at their best. This makes it more likely that players will want to continue playing baseball and other sports. You can read more about our program right here: Rattlers Baseball Program.

Cicero Rattlers Crew

Cicero Rattlers coaches are knowledgeable youth baseball enthusiasts with years of coaching experience. They are not former MLB players (and don’t pretend to be). They’re parents and former high school and college athletes who do it for the fun of it and to help area players, including their own, improve their baseball skills, stay active and have fun with their peers.

Cicero Rattlers was founded by Kirk Capece using his experience in several area programs, including Little League, Sports Zone Academy, Syracuse RBI, Sandlot League and Cicero Wizards.

Thanks go out to some of the people who have helped support this program, including: David Sadowski, Brendan Cochran, Robert Capp, Joe Calabria, Christine Capece, Kristi Mooney, Michael Fudge, Dan Smith, Bruce Smith, John Wozniczka, Wayne Freeman, Alex Sanes-Carmona.

About the Team Name

Massasauga Rattlesnake (from Wikipedia)

The Massasauga Rattlesnake is one of only three venomous snakes found in New York State – and it’s home is right around the corner in Cicero Swamp. Also known as the “swamp rattler,” an adult massasauga measures up to 40 inches in length. There’s no better name for a baseball team that represents this community than the Cicero Rattlers!