Cicero Rattlers 13u Patriot Games Team

With players from the Cicero North Syracuse (CNS) and Syracuse area school districts, the Cicero Rattlers Patriot Games team will compete against regional and national 13u teams in the Patriot Games Tournament at Legends Field in Oswego, NY.

Rattlers v Chiefs

Current roster for this tournament (sorted by batting average)

Cicero Rattlers Patriot Games 13u

Dylan Bertollini00.0000000000000.000
Ryan Walker00.0000000000000.000
Michael Mooney00.0000000000000.000
Daniel Capp00.0000000000000.000
Sean Bombard00.0000000000000.000
Lucas Thelen00.0000000000000.000
Connor Pearce00.0000000000000.000
Ethan Matthews00.0000000000000.000
Nicholas Capece00.0000000000000.000
Griff Filighera00.0000000000000.000