Rattlers FB 2020

Rattlers FB 2020 Team

This Rattlers team is a 13/14u Fall Ball team that competes in the Little League 15u Division with teams from Liverpool, Central Square, ESM, Syracuse, Homer, North Syracuse, SRS and more.

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Current roster for 2020 Rattlers FB (sorted by batting average)

Nicholas Capece330.6127014141006300.519
Dylan Bertollini310.58211891009400.429
Sean Bombard360.5823114900012500.391
Lucas Thelen410.4636015144115700.389
Jacob Calabria390.493209122007700.375
Michael Mooney150.53110540004200.364
Alex Smith210.48170760004400.353
Jacob Sadowski360.5326010900010400.346
Jack DeVinney220.57150550008400.333
Kenton “KJ” Cochran390.4432010102007100.313
Daniel Capp420.443308102008100.303
Ryan Walker100.4080220002300.250
Ethan Matthews360.512408610013500.250
Connor Pearce300.4518162000121200.111
Jack Clary250.4612140000111000.000