Winter Rattlers 2020

Winter Rattlers Season 3 2020-2021

With players from the Cicero North Syracuse (CNS), Jamesville-Dewitt (JD) and Liverpool school districts, the 2020/2021 Cicero Rattlers Winter Team competes with other area 14u teams on a regulation-sized 60/90 field inside the Sports Center Arena. Several team members also play for their school athletic teams, including: CNS Baseball, CNS Football, CNS Lacrosse, CNS Wrestling, CNS Golf, CNS Cross-Country, CNS Bowling, Liverpool Baseball and Liverpool Wrestling.

Current rosters for the 2020/2021 Indoor Winter Sessions

Winter Rattlers Session 1

Nicholas Capece310.71220020.710
Lucas Thelen310.70210040.700
Daniel Capp290.66190000.655
Jacob Calabria210.60120010.600
Kenton “KJ” Cochran270.58150020.577
Ethan Matthews300.56140010.560
Jacob Sadowski300.47140010.467
Connor Pearce260.3280000.320
Jack Clary290.2460000.240
Rattlers Winter 11-28-20

Session One (L to R): Sadowski, Calabria, Thelen, Clary, Capp, Capece, Matthews. Missing: Pearce, Cochran.

Winter Rattlers Session 2

Dylan Bertollini190.84160010.842
Daniel Capp290.76220000.759
Nicholas Capece370.70260000.703
Jacob Calabria380.68260000.684
Lucas Thelen280.64181000.643
Ethan Matthews280.61170020.607
Luke Crawford340.59200010.588
Kenton “KJ” Cochran270.52140010.519
Jacob Sadowski170.4780000.471
Connor Pearce190.3770000.368
Jack Clary50.2010000.200
Cicero Rattlers vs Fulton Fury - Winter 2021

Session Two (L to R): Pearce, Cochran, Capp, Sadowski, Calabria, Thelen, Capece, Matthews. (Missing: Clary, Crawford)

Winter Rattlers Session 3

Kenton “KJ” Cochran180.42116000250.375
Lucas Thelen180.44006000260.375
Daniel Capp180.33234000230.286
Jacob Sadowski130.31003000140.250
Nicholas Capece180.41012000570.167
Luke Crawford190.43022000760.143
Sean Bombard160.39101000670.091
Jacob Calabria170.44021000750.091
Connor Pearce130.21010000390.000
Winter Rattlers Season 3 2020-2021

Session Three (L to R): Sadowski, Calabria, Bombard, Crawford, Pearce, Capece, Capp, Cochran, Thelen.